The Pedagog-IA Project

An original proposition for the teaching of Artificial Intelligence and its success
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Why Pedagog-IA?

Artificial Intelligence is not a technology, and it never was. To try to teach it as such, or as a normal STEM discipline, is a way to a failure. Only an authentic pedagogical approach, based on the understanding of what the nature of AI is, will make it possible to adopt it at large within companies, public Administration and especially by final users.

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The project is intended to face the issue of teaching, in the sense of "being pedagogical", what AI really is, to a deeper level than just the economical actors and industrialists actively engaged in the development of products, applications ans services based on AI. The answers to this information and cultural demands cannot be left to chance, or even worst to the media (social media included) where suspicion and fake news can easily prevail. In the best scenario the teaching would be done with purely commercial interests by single companies or interest groups, and in the worst it could become the vehicle for negationists. In both cases the risk of rejection and caos on the whole subject could quickly become very real. And this is without even arguing about the democratic issues at stake, in a discipline so pervasive and generalistic, were it only to remedy the digital divide which is already causing unfairness and social and economical injustices.

The official presentation of the Project PedagogIA
Apr. 21th, 2022